Time Virtual Run

29 Feb 2020


Time Virtual Run


Have you ever wished to schedules races around your busy working schedules? What if you earn special medals from this? There’s where Virtual Run comes in. Time Virtual Run is a race that can be run at any location, anytime and with anyone. You can walk, run using treadmill, run at park or participate in another race. You can run your race at your pace wherever you like. All you need is to record your running/walking using your running application or GPS tracking app. Best Running Mobile Apps for Android & IOS: Runkeeper, Strava Running & Cycling, Pacer, Run with Map My Run, Running for Weight Loss and many more. Registration starts from 27 December 2019 to 31 January 2020. Participants may start run after registration. Result must be submitted by 29 February 2020. Participants MUST submit their running results at timevirtualrun2020@gmail.com or whatsapp us at 01161296193

Event Details

Date & Time : 29 Feb 2020, 12:00 AM

Organizer Details

Organizer: RAQAL Bucket

Contact: 0172885569

Email: timevirtualrun2020@gmail.com

Category & Fees

Category Type and distance Normal Fee
10km Open Malaysian Only

Run - 10km

RM 65

Key Dates

Normal Rate 02 Jan 2020
Closing Date 29 Feb 2020
Event Day 29 Feb 2020

Promo Video

Rules & Regulations


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