Misfit Chase Tag Challenge

03 Aug 2018 , Kuala Lumpur

RM20 (Fees is SUBJECT to admin fee) - RM55 (Fees is SUBJECT to admin fee)

Misfit Chase Tag Challenge


SPEED CHALLENGE (individual)

Speed Challenge is a popular Parkour challenge where the athlete aims to beat their own time-taken to complete a set of movements through a pre-determined set of obstacles. The organizers will flag which obstacles the athlete must past through in a specific order, and the time-taken to reach from point A to B will be recorded.


The highlight of the Chase Tag Arena, the Chase Tag Competition will adopt the World Chase Tag Championship rules and adapt to meet our context. Please see Game Rules below. There will be a Beginner level and an Advance level, athletes can choose to sign up as a team or individually (WALK- IN REGISTRATION) where they will be randomly grouped with other teams or form a new team.

Beginner Profile

  • Little to zero experience in obstacle sports
  • Frequency of Exercise: Twice a month or more

Advance Profile

  • Has participated in two (2) or more obstacle sports in the past six (6) months (Viper, Spartan, etc)
  • Frequency of Exercise: Twice a week or more

*Don’t have a team yet? Don’t worry we can find you one on the day

Event Details

Date & Time : 3 Aug 2018, 9:00 AM

Organizer Details

Organizer: Misfit, Nainikifli Sdn Bhd

Contact: 019-8532664

Website: http://misfitmy.com/

Category & Fees

Category Type and distance Normal Fee
Speed Challenge (Individual) RM 20 (Fees is SUBJECT to admin fee)
Chase Tag Beginner (Team of 3) RM 55 (Fees is SUBJECT to admin fee)
Chase Tag Advance (Team of 3) RM 55 (Fees is SUBJECT to admin fee)
Workshop 4 August (10am -12pm) RM 30 (Fees is SUBJECT to admin fee)

Entitlements & Other Information

Route Map

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Key Dates

Normal Rate 05 Jul 2018
Closing Date 20 Jul 2018
Event Day 03 Aug 2018

Rules & Regulations


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